The FIPMETAL accessories complete our high-quality cable protection program
and suit our FIPMETAL conduits.


  FIPMETAL_Jolly-Fitting FIPMETAL_Jolly-Fitting  ME-Verschraubung Bogenwinkel
Product type MJ-fitting MJ-fitting ME-fitting ME-elbow
Product description straight, metric straight, PG straight, metric flexible, metric
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Areas of application        
Industry + + + +
Solar industry + + + +
Ship building + +    
Railway / transport + + + +
Chemical industry     + +
Wind energy + + + +
Material brass nickel plated brass nickel plated brass nickel plated brass nickel plated, conduit stainless steel AISI 304
Thread type M16x1,5 to M63x1,5  PG07 to PG48 M12x1,5 to M63x1,5 M16x1,5 to M63x1,5
Temperature range –45°C to 120°C –45°C to 120°C –45°C to 120°C –45 °C to 120 °C